MAXON Service Agreement - MSA - yearly fee Broadcast R20

MAXON Service Agreement - MSA - yearly fee Broadcast R20
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Een MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) is een soort van supportcontract. Het is optioneel beschikbaar voor MAXON gebruikers. Men betaalt jaarlijks een contributie waardoor men altijd verzekerd is van de laatste upgrades. Zodra er een nieuwe upgrade beschikbaar is wordt die automatisch naar u toegestuurd.


Een MSA is ideaal voor bedrijven die met vaste jaarbudgetten werken - geen verrassende kosten voor het volgende jaar. 


U kunt kiezen uit twee soorten MSA:

a) Een Auto-Renewal contract. Hierbij wordt een MSA automatisch verlengd voor het volgende jaar tenzij u minimaal drie maanden voordat het contract afloopt schriftelijk afzegt;

b) Een Non-Auto-Renewal contract. Hierbij loopt het contract automatisch na een jaar af. Indien gewenst kunt u het contract verlengen door dit schriftelijk aan te geven, minimaal 1 maand voordat het contract afloopt. 





The MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) is optionally available to MAXON customers. Participating customers are kept up-to-date with the newest releases of CINEMA 4D and/or BodyPaint 3D. As soon as a new software version is available, MSA participants will receive these automatically, allowing them to immediately take advantage of all new features and advancements.


The MAXON Service Agreement is ideal for companies working with fixed budgets - no more surprises when planning next year's expenses. In addition to the most up-to-date software version, MSA participants also receive enhanced services such as expanded use of software or discounted admission to special events, and more.


You’re on the go and don’t always work in the office? Software licenses included in the MSA can also be installed onto a second computer (e.g., a laptop for working on the go or on a computer at your home office) as long as both installations are not used simultaneously.


You can choose between two different kinds of MSA: 

a) An Auto-Renewal contract. With this contract you automatically continues for the next year unless you send a written note that you won't continue the contract any more, at east three months before the new contract period starts;

b) A Non-Auto-Renewal contract. A Non-Auto-Renewal MSA automatically discontinues for the next year unless you send a written note, at least one month before the contract ends, that you will continue the contract.

Data Exchange / Format Support
IGES importer no
Okino file import via optional PolyTrans software (Windows) no
Sculpt functionality no
Sculpt Brushes no
Baking no
C++ Sculpt Brush API no
Python Support for lib_sculpt no
Materials & Texturing
Sub-polygon displacement no
Sub-Surface Scattering yes
Terrain Mask shader no
Sketch & Toon Art, Hatch, Spot (halftone) Shaders no
Grass Material Shader no
Caustics no
Support of IES light data no
Depth of Field post effect no
Vector Motion Blur post effect no
CineMan Renderman-compliant bridge no
Sketch and Toon non-photorealistic rendering no
Pyrocluster volumetric particle rendering no
Physical Sky no
Subsurface-Scatering yes
Team Render (Number of Nodes) 3
Dynamic Animation
Basic particle system yes
Thinking Particles node-based particle system no
Rigid Body dynamics for MoGraph objects yes
Rigid Body dynamics no
Joints, Springs, Motors no
Soft Body dynamics no
Aerodynamics forces no
Plastic & Breaking Springs no
Breaking Connectors no
Cloth dynamics & dressing functions no
Hair dynamics no
Spline dynamics no
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